About me

I love being a Doula. 

I am very passionate about supporting women. You will feel this, because I’m always happy, calm and relaxed. I also love being around babies, with whom I have a natural and instinctual understanding of and connection with.

Over the past years I’ve learnt about the instinctual natureE8FEE1B5-83FC-4A13-82A1-99B4FF45DEBD

of women’s capabilities and healing.

Being a doula involves reconnecting with myself as a woman, with my heritage, traditions and ancestors.

My background is social education and I have worked with families and children for nearly 20 years. I am pro natural parenting and I support and nurture you to trust your parenting instincts.

I am also a passionate Mizan Therapy Practitioner (Traditional Reproductive Healing) of which knowledge and experience I also offer as a Doula, along with my holistic understanding of the world (traditional women’s health, natural healing, remedies, and mindfulness etc…).





talking cricle

Qualifications and training

✿ April 2019. Mizan pregnancy and postnatal. Mizan Therapy.

August 2018. Mizan Practitioner Training. Mizan Therapy.

✿ October 2017. The Women’s Voices Conference. Inspiring Future Maternity Services. Women’s Voices.

✿ September 2017. Wombspace workshop. Mizan Therapy. 

✿June 2017 Safeguarding level 1. Royal Free Foundation Trust.

✿ February 2017 Birthrights: Human Rights in Childbirth Day.

✿ September 2016 Paediatric first aid course. Tinies.

✿ March 2016 Paramana Doula course. Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers.

✿ Oct 2015-April 2016 The Breastfeeding London Course (lactation specific education): Breastfeeding Study Days 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Indira Lopez-Bassols.

✿ March 2015 Doula training. Samantha Sheppard, Mindful Doulas.

✿ January 2015 Qualified Teacher Status QTS.

✿ 2007- 2009 Masters Degree in Early Care and Family. Universitat Ramon Llull.

✿ 2007 Social Educator professional habilitation. CEES Aragón.

✿ 1996-2001 British Bachelor Honours degree standard in Pedagogy. Universitat Ramon Llull.


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