About me

After working with children and families for over 15 years, I can consider myself pro natural parenting, respecting both family beliefs and children’s needs. I’m currently moving forward with my desire, love and wisdom of being a doula to support women from preconception onwards.

Over the past years I’ve learnt about the instinctual nature of women, being aware of our capabilities, weaknesses and ways to heal.

Being a doula involves reconnect with myself as a woman, reconnect with my heritage and ancestors.

My approach is unique, combining nicely my educational background with my holistic understanding of the world, from traditional women’s health, natural healing, remedies to mindfulness. So I can nurture and support women in a natural and calm way.


talking cricle

Qualifications and training

✿ October 2017. The Women’s Voices Conference. Inspiring Future Maternity Services. Women’s Voices.

✿ September 2017. Wombspace workshop. Mizan Therapy. 

✿June 2017 Safeguarding level 1. Royal Free Foundation Trust.

✿ February 2017 Birthrights: Human Rights in Childbirth Day.

✿ September 2016 Paediatric first aid course. Tinies.

✿ March 2016 Paramana Doula course. Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers.

✿ Oct 2015-April 2016 The Breastfeeding London Course (lactation specific education): Breastfeeding Study Days 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Indira Lopez-Bassols.

✿ March 2015 Doula training. Samantha Sheppard, Mindful Doulas.

✿ January 2015 Qualified Teacher Status QTS.

✿ 2007- 2009 Masters Degree in Early Care and Family. Universitat Ramon Llull.

✿ 2007 Social Educator professional habilitation. CEES Aragón.

✿ 1996-2001 British Bachelor Honours degree standard in Pedagogy. Universitat Ramon Llull.


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